Yeah, If Only….๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฝ๐Ÿ†

Yeah, If Only….๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฝ๐Ÿ†.

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How To Get What You Want Without Really Trying

How To Get What You Want Without Really Trying.

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Hypothyroid vs. Hyperthyroid & Juicing

Hypothyroid vs. Hyperthyroid & Juicing.

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What’s the Deal With Super Foods?

What's the Deal With Super Foods?.

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Back at work

I am back at work tonight, and I am doing the same thing I was doing at home…playing on the internet. Hotels get extremely slow in the winter time. A lot of people think the holiday season would be busy. Turns out, most people stay with family. I am so hungry though. I ran out of money, so I ate EVERYTHING left in my apartment. You know, the stuff you buy but never eat. Split pea soup, white rice, eggs, and pancakes. Luckily, my security guard is getting a pizza and is going to give me some. I am fat enough though, that if I had to starve forย a few days, it wouldn’t hurt.

Lets see. What else. Vegas trip approaches. Excited. Then a Boston trip. MORE excitement. Otherwise….nothing.

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Financial Advisors

I hate children…and there is a children soccer thing going on in St. Louis. We have 54 children in our hotel right now. I wanted to shake and slap every single one.ย  Horrible way to start off the night.

It has also been a night where every single time I walked away from the desk someone called or came to it. I go to the breakfast area. Person. I go to get a towel for someone. Phone call. I go to the bathroom, guest at the desk and the phone. If I even thought of leaving something would come up. Strange night.

We have a certain financial advising company stay with us. They stay about 42 weeks out of the year and give us lots of business. Usually no problem, I mean, I can handle young yuppies, but tonight a handful of them got rowdy.

A bar connected to us is good and bad. Good: I love bar food and we get a discount. Bad: People get wasted there and then come back to our hotel and mess up the lobby. Tonight the Financial advisers (or yuppies as they will be known now) decided to hang out wasted in our breakfast/eating area. This area is ideal for drunks because it has tables and chairs and you can get that nice circle dynamic. This was an angry circle though.ย  Words were exchanged between too yuppies about buying drinks for the wrong girls.

I was literally setting the breakfast area up, so I’m standing there thinking no, don’t do this. They get louder and louder, and I think, at any moment my security guard will come over and end this nonsense. He didn’t because my security guard blows. Read previous blogs to see that. So, being the badass that I am I step up.

HEY! Raise your hands if you would like to become a financial adviser?

What the fuck??

RAISE your hands if you would like to become a financial adviser! (they reluctantly raise their hands.)

Good. That’s a good job. Now, I don’t care that you guys are loud, I don’t care you are messing up this later for me to clean, I don’t even care that that guy, (I point to the mentioned yuppie) yeah you, lit up a cigarette in a non-smoking area. You see, I do care if you start fighting in this lobby right hear and I will call your supervisor and you will be severely rep-remanded or most likely fired. (Which is true. This financial company takes no shit.)

You can’t do that.

Do you want to see? I’ve seen people taken out of the hotel in the middle of the night and I’ve seen them fired on the spot. Do you want to be the next grown man crying in our lobby? (I’ve never really seen these things, Kevin has, but I needed to sound tough.)

and they settled down. I did have to clean their table. 3 of the 5 had lost their keys and they made so angry I was shaking. Jerks.

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Not to do with the hotel, but close enough

I am procrastinating cleaning my apartment.

I did stop by my place of employment last night, just for about five minutes. My aunt works down here, but lives an hour and a half away, so when she works super late she stays at my hotel! She had been doing this for a long time before I worked there. She is a big time accountant for an electrical company. When I say big time accountant, I mean she makes major BANK.

She is so funny though. We never had a super great relationship, but as I alluded to in another post, I had some major father issues and she really stepped up recently to help. I will always be grateful to her because when I was a kid I went through all that shit alone, and this time, there was no island feeling. It was more like an island with bridge to sanity.

Anyway, part of our conversations are centered around her husband, who I call a New Jersey Housewife. I mean, she makes SO much more than him. Quadrupedal his income easily, but he still calls about the kids and stuff. This woman is working 12 to 13 hour shifts, and he still calls her about the kids? Problems he could easily solve!

So, I told her to lay the smack down on him, and say, bitch, unless your salary substantially increases, then you best be a housewife. No one can say anything to him about money though. Still, he has the life. Doesn’t have to clean (they hired someone for that), calls her over issues with the kids, and he just goes trout fishing randomly for two days at a time. I mean, the man should be getting botox and drinking martini’s, because he is a desperate housewife.

We also talked about Vegas, so if anyone has ideas about where I should go when I’m there, let me know!

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have?

The ability to locate anything lost. I lose my keys, cell phone, everything, in my apartment which is the size of a closet! I want to be able to remember where I place everything.

2. Who is your style icon?

Don’t have an icon. I do like anything shiny, loud, and classic with a twist. Lady Gaga. There we go.

3. What is your favorite quote?

My favorite person to quote is John Steinbeck.

We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.

No man really knows about other human beings. The best he can do is to suppose that they are like himself.

4. What is the best compliment youโ€™ve ever received?

You’re smart.

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now?

The Black Keys: Rubber Factory.

I also listen to anything on the Weeds Soundtrack from any season. Just look it up on the internet and listen….

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I work at night, so, owl.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Cats, dogs are too needy.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

Shortening of Stormin Norman, my old nickname and the nickname of a General.

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My every other week vacations.

Since I am officially “trained” at my job now, we work a schedule of seven days on, seven days off. This is fabulous for me. It’s like a vacation every other week, and after working seven straight days, it’s awesome. Don’t expect to see blogs on my seven days off though…except this one.

I think, what I’m going to do with this time, is go on an aquarium tour. I’m going to go to cities with aquariums and see them. I love aquariums, and St. Louis does not have one. That’s my new goal. I may start in Chicago.

This will probably be awesome. Be excited to see aquarium photo’s popping up in this blog.


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No date. Not with you.

Monte is a security guard. A very annoying security guard at my hotel. He works the Midnight-six am shift and I mean, this man will talk your life away. One time I was in the back office and he was trying to talk to me through the doorway, over my music. I just kept periodically say, “I can’t hear you Monte.”

Now he has this cute idea I want to date him or something dumb. I was telling the other security officer, Curtis (who I like) that I’m going Octoberfesting this weekend, and Monte chimes in, “Oh, you’re not going to the Haunted Houses?” No, Haunted Houses are dumb. “Oh, that’s where I was going to take you on our date. I guess I will have to figure something else out.”

This man is old and not attractive, on top of that, he has a personality that drives me up a wall. I hate my father, and honestly, Monte has the same mannerisms and personality of him. How do you tell someone, I can’t stand you, you remind my drug addicted, abusive father? That seems a little harsh, so I just said, No Monte. No date for you.

A nice person, one I only know via telephone, is the IT help desk woman. Now, I know it’s sad to admit that a help desk knows you by name, but I like her. She’s always so nice to me. Also, found out when you don’t know how to do something, they can actually take control of the computer from their screen and fix it for you. I thought that was so cool/creepy at the same time. I guess they can just log in any time and see what everyone is up to.

She told me tonight I was the first phone call she received all night. I was like, so what do you do when you’re not on calls with Night Auditors? Sweep Mines? “NO! There are projects! Mine are just all done now..” Ha. Darwin, who is over at another property for a few weeks, actually had the same exact problem as me. We charged No Shows and then the No show..showed, so I told her, “Hey, another auditor has this problem, so he will be calling in like five minutes. You can have 2 calls tonight.” Had Darwin call. Good times.

I still think that thing with the computer is creepy. Now if only they could solve my security problem.

I can always call the help desk.

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Social Lobby

Tonight is a strange Monday, purely because there are so many people just hanging out in the lobby. A couple of Italians, speaking a lot of..Italian.

A Korean couple on a mission from God. I swear, our hotel is a beacon to religious nut-cases.ย  These two are from the Good News Church in Kansas City, Kansas. From what I can gather out of their brochure, all people in the world are evil, filthy beings. You may think you are doing something good for someone, but no, you aren’t, because you are full of sin. Only through Jesus can you gain righteousness. Through this righteousness you must go and ask hotels to give you free rooms and also to sleep on their couches. Since you are on a mission from god, that does not require you to spend any of your worldly possessions. We already offered a room for $50, which is WAY below our rate, and they refused. I really can’t believe our manager is letting them stay in the lobby.


Lifted off the Good News Mission Web Site

To give everyone an idea of the tunes I listen to at work I use Pandora. ( For those who don’t know, Pandora is the hip-happening internet radio station. It will take a song preference, artist, or album and make an entire radio station around it. I listen to a station that is a combo of The Dandy Warhols and The Black Keys.

The Dandy Warhols are a band from the 90’s with some psychedelic tunes that I love. It’s some easy listening comparable toย  Beck, Cake, and Fat Boy Slim.

I miss the 90's....

The Black Keys are a bluesy team of two dorky white guys. Their music is great though, an old time, blues roots, and kind of a swing feel. I love it!

The Black Keys

The Black Keys

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