Disney Channel and Cats

Hello again. Nothing really exciting happened this evening, well, besides a lady checking in with her three cats. This lady was a trip too, a real crazy cat lady. We have two computers in the lobby, so guests can use the internet. We have one resident guest (he lives in the hotel) who stays on the computer for hours at a time.  Then there was another guest just on the other one. Cat lady comes up to me and asks, “Is there a time limit on those?” “No, they are just first come, first serve.” “Well, I, like, really need to get on.” “You can sit in our lobby and watch T.V. if you want. Here is the remote, so you can put it on what you want.” (I personally watch sports in the evening, interesting and gives you a conversation starter). This woman had to be 55-65, (hard to tell with cat ladies, they all seem to look much older than they are. It’s like a requirement with them. Own cats, act strangely, look deranged). I figured she would put it on hallmark, lifetime, maybe some sort of news channel. No, she changes it to the Disney Channel! Now, we get a lot of kids in the lobby and they always put it on that channel, with it’s cheesy movies and terribleness, but now, I guess old people watch it too! So, it doesn’t matter who I give the remote to, I will be forced to suffer through High School Musicals and Hannah Montana’s. Crazy-cat-ladies.

About Storm

Hello, my name is Storm. I am currently working night shift in a hotel. I have sent my application off to law school and hope to hear back on that very soon. I expect big things from my future. I love avocado's, movies, reading, cats, traveling, and Farmville.
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