Rain in the Lobby.

I was an hour and fifteen minutes late for work. What happened was I looked at Saturday’s schedule instead of Sunday, thought I worked 7pm to 3am, but no, actually it was 5pm to 1am. What surprises me is that no one called. If that had happened at my old job I would have been called about 14 times. They were all pretty distracted. You see, an air conditioning valve broke. Same air-conditioning that John and I fixed the night before. Do the two have anything to do with each other? I don’t know. Nor will I ever tell anyone that I had been in that room helping someone fix something that later destroyed the lobby. Yes, destroyed. Water had leaked from this valve, down to the lobby. When I walked in the door it looked like it was raining indoors (which prompted the very funny but then overused joke, “Storm, you brought the rain with you!” Ha.). What apparently happened is my manager John saw some dripping, went over and was like, “Huh, there’s a leak.” and a waterfall of dirty water hit him. I feel worse for Scott (Scooter as I like to call him, maybe I feel worse for him because I like him more). He was sent to investigate the problem and must have been looking at it and bam, water just hit him straight in the face. He says his reaction was, and I quote, “Mother fucker.”

I walk in and everyone is like, Just start throwing down towels. Which is what I do. Then they’re like, Just man the desk. Which I do, and all hell breaks loose. No one to call for help, there is a line of 5 guests who all want to pay cash (Which is a bitch) and the phone just keeps ringing. “What’s going on downstairs?” “My A/C doesn’t work!” AHHHHH! I’m stressed and there is smelly water in my shoes. I wanted to run away. I also received the task of going to all the rooms and putting letters under the door explaining the problem. Great exercise.

Then this horrible British woman came up and was like, “Darling, what is all this?” I explain the leak. “Oh! Well, I wish to be transferred then.” What floor are you on? “The eighth.” This should have no effect on your room, the problem was on the third. “Oh no darling, I know how Air Conditioning works, this will take days to fix.”  We will have it cleaned up by tonight. “NO! It WILL take at least 24-48 hours.” Do you want us to check if your A/C works? “OH, I can do that, I want to be transferred though.” So you don’t want us to check your A/C? “Can I be transferred closer to downtown, it is quite a walk from here. But I want the same rate Darling.” We can see if they have any vacancies. “Oh will you darling?” Yes. Let me call them. (On the phone) “This will take days to clean up. I just want to be transferred.” I know, I am calling. (Literally on the phone) “It is just such an inconvenience.” Hi, I need to see if I can send a guest to you. “I want the same rate.” I am on the phone ma’am. “I know, I just need you to tell them.” I know.  Oh you can take her. Great. Okay. Her name is spelled B-R-I-T-I-S-H, last name, B-I-T-C-H. (I am using a fake name, to save her identity.) “Now can you call me a taxi darling?”

All night we were resetting A/C’s and here’s a picture of what our lobby looked like.

This is after we laid down all the towels.

Then, I had to try and do the audit. I told Kevin, “Every night I go home and write in my diary, “Dear Diary, Kevin still has no faith in my.” To which he said, “Every night I go home and write in mine, “Dear Diary, I have no faith in Storm.”

I did it though. Couple of glitch’s, but I made it. So tomorrow will come, and hopefully I can handle it. It is my first night alone. Scary.

Tonight a cop followed me from the walk from my car to my building. (About a block) He was probably thinking what is this crazy white girl doing walking at four in the morning in downtown? To which I would respond, “Making my rent check mutha fucka.”

About Storm

Hello, my name is Storm. I am currently working night shift in a hotel. I have sent my application off to law school and hope to hear back on that very soon. I expect big things from my future. I love avocado's, movies, reading, cats, traveling, and Farmville.
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One Response to Rain in the Lobby.

  1. barrycyrus says:

    whoa, hope you didnt upset the cop haha

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