The Marriott needs to learn to not overbook. No, I do not work at a Marriott, but they sent all their extra guests (about 30 ) to us, and then I had no clean rooms available and when I moved the reservations to the next, made the computer give me this message every time  I tried to check a guest in “Those accommodations are not available.” Those Marriott fuckers had us block 15 rooms and only four showed up! Also known as a pain in my ass.

Then, since it was a Cardinals vs. Cubs game (huge rivals if you don’t know) there were drunks, on a Monday! One was kind enough to throw up in the lobby.

A sad story is this though, a woman and man came in late, actually around 2 am. They said it was an unexpected trip, their niece had just been killed in a hit and run at a gas station. She was pumping gas, and just like that, she was gone.  So tragic, heartbreaking. It felt like their pain was radiating from deep inside them, but they were keeping to together so well. How does one deal with a loved one not just dying, but being killed by another human being? Someone didn’t even stop? I don’t know who this girl was, but, I wish I had a better way of having people know than mentioning her in a barely read blog and she doesn’t even have a name. This faceless, nameless girl, whose life is gone, a life I won’t know, yet know of. I’m going to move away from this sad subject though.

A couple of days ago, an old Indian man who works as a papa john’s pizza delivery man asked me to dinner and drinks. I instinctively just answered I had a boyfriend. I got out of my car this morning, to go to my apartment, and the mutha fucker was there! He’s like, “You remember me?” Yeah, yeah, the pizza guy, from the hotel. “Yeah, I move in.” Yeah, see you around. It’s like, Stalk me, please. Now he will think it’s destiny or something, and that is dumb. Boo!

A good thing about working the night shift is I am up for breakfast. I went out to find a breakfast place, because breakfast food is my all-time favorite. I adore it. So, I googled breakfast places in St. Louis. Found this one, Benton Park Cafe, and it was amazing. It seemed designed for me, which is a weird thing to say, but, it was perfect. Usually, you think Breakfast=old people who get up early, so its kind of cheesy, and, diner-y. This place was hip and trendy soft of. It was a diner with full bar behind it. When I first got there, mellow techno playing, which the server, Jeremy, then changed to his pandora which was mellow, music like Beck. Jeremy was also awesome, very friendly and funny. The food was healthy and took very little time, probably because there was just me in there with the occasional to-go orders. Everyone was on a first name basis, so it’s a kind of regular joint, a hidden gem only locals know about. I had a California omelet which had spinach, fresh avocado, and cheese on it. Also you get a side of either fruit (which I did) or potato’s.  Perfect portion, you get full but not stuffed.  If you live in St. Louis, give it a try.


About Storm

Hello, my name is Storm. I am currently working night shift in a hotel. I have sent my application off to law school and hope to hear back on that very soon. I expect big things from my future. I love avocado's, movies, reading, cats, traveling, and Farmville.
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