The Night Everyone Yelled

The last shift I worked, a Saturday, was a 14 hour shift. I had been scheduled 5pm-2am, a weird shift in itself, but then Kevin, the other night auditor and the person to replace me, called in. His mother had fallen ill and he was taking care of her. That’s fine, I could tough it out. Thing is I told John, the manager, hey, if I do this will you give me a break at ten? Just to run home, grab food and my computer. He says, “Oh, Well, I’m coming back at ten and will probably just stay. Okay. Deal.

Being there at five on a sold out night is  tough enough. First, there was this woman who wanted her stuff out of a room that hadn’t been paid for that night. She was locked out. Thing is, don’t pay for the room then you don’t have a key. Which seems to be hard to understand for some people. I want to know where all these hotels are that you can just not pay and stay there. Go up to the front desk and be like, I will pay, I cross my heart I will, and they just give you a room. Who does John have escort them up there to grab their stuff? ME! I have to stand there and hold the door while these two dumb females pack up and complain loudly enough for me to hear about the room and service, like I give a fuck. Why do people think that the person assigned to do anything actually cares about your situation? No, I am paid to do what I’m told, and the fact you are unhappy with your room/unhappy that you can’t stay in a room you haven’t paid for, makes no difference to me. I’m just here to make sure you don’t stay in the room. I’m told what to do. I do it.

They leave. Her boyfriend comes in, and as soon as you see him you can tell he’s a fucker. He wants his money back for the day. The day he held up the room til four. I break down and give him his money, because I want him to go away (and because I didn’t realize what was going on. I only later found out that we charge a person if they are in a room past 2. I don’t know these things, I usually work at 10 pm and all those problems are sorted out.) Whatever, he walks out. Two of my people tell me I shouldn’t have done that. Life goes on.

Except, fucker comes back in. Says on the receipt he got they stay says til 20 and I say, Oh, I just forgot to change that, but the list of charges will be all that is applied. He’s fine, but then Martin says this horrible phrase, “You know, she did you a favor.” Oh, my, god. The way fucker reacted, you would have swore Martin said, “You know, go fuck your mother.” Fucker starts making a scene, yelling and going on about how I did not do him a favor. I am just standing there, and finally just say, hey, lets diffuse the situation. You have your money back, I’ve already been told what I did was wrong, now it’s over. Fucker say, Fine, and walks out. Never confront a guest, especially a volatile guest.  Lesson.

Night goes on, everything fine, dealing with because a beer festival is in town. John comes back at 11 even though he said he’d be back at ten. Doesn’t say anything about a break so I think, cool, I’m out at two. Then the phone call. Room 1026, or as I will name her and all the guest like her VIP wannabe. For the rest of the blog, just VIP.  Our hotel has two bars next to it, one actually connected.  The other across the street has a patio with live music on it. Friday and Saturday these places are loud and we get complaints. Usually, guests understand, some bitch a little more than others, but they get we can’t do anything about it.

Not VIP. She thought I was lying and could do something. She actually screamed at me on the phone. Not making it up. Screaming for me to call them, call the police, call everyone in the world and make these two business’s stop playing music. I just told her again and again, ma’am there is nothing I can do. I will not call the police on this, for they will say the same thing. I hang up, I have guests.

She calls back, fifteen minutes later. “What’s to the police department?” 911? “It’s not an emergency.” Let look it up for you. Give her the number, advise her against calling, whatever.

The police show up. Say they have a woman calling repeatedly. Refuses to give her information. I’m like, I know who it is. She has already called twice screaming at me. Could you go talk to her? (The whole reason I did this to her is to embarrass her. I am usually not this spiteful, but she really pissed me off by screaming at me.) The police said they would (they were really cool cops.) So I call her room.

Ma’am the police are here. Have you been calling them?

“I called twice. ” (Which is bullshit because the officer said she called many times)

They can’t do anything. Would like to speak with them?

Screaming back “I just want them to make the noise stop! I don’t want to talk to them!”

They are right here, telling me they can’t do anything. I just called so you know they didn’t ignore you.


Ma’am you called from the property, police usually respond.

She starts crying, I feel kind of bad. (Also though, I must tell you, this woman stays with us a lot and bitches A LOT. So, I don’t feel too bad.) I just hope she learned a lesson not to scream at random people, especially when they say they can’t do anything.  As well as learning not to call the police over stupid things. The two businesses zoning licenses don’t cover menopause.

This whole time John is doing paper work, he only comes out when the police are there. He does not help with the front desk, the night audit, or the breakfast area, and not even the drunks. I don’t really see the point of him coming back. Then, at two, he’s like, “How do you feel?” I say fine, 2 is basically my mid day. He says good and asks if I would stay. I do because I’m poor and rather than going home and doing nothing, I’d rather get paid time and a half to do nothing. I just really wish that if he knew that he would be asking me to stay he would have given a fucking break. FOURTEEN HOURS AND NO FUCKING BREAK! That has to be illegal or something. I was asking for a fucking half an hour break, I should have been asking for an hour. But nothing, nothing at all, on a sold out Saturday night. That place is screwing me, hard.  The paycheck will be nice though.

About Storm

Hello, my name is Storm. I am currently working night shift in a hotel. I have sent my application off to law school and hope to hear back on that very soon. I expect big things from my future. I love avocado's, movies, reading, cats, traveling, and Farmville.
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