Financial Advisors

I hate children…and there is a children soccer thing going on in St. Louis. We have 54 children in our hotel right now. I wanted to shake and slap every single one.  Horrible way to start off the night.

It has also been a night where every single time I walked away from the desk someone called or came to it. I go to the breakfast area. Person. I go to get a towel for someone. Phone call. I go to the bathroom, guest at the desk and the phone. If I even thought of leaving something would come up. Strange night.

We have a certain financial advising company stay with us. They stay about 42 weeks out of the year and give us lots of business. Usually no problem, I mean, I can handle young yuppies, but tonight a handful of them got rowdy.

A bar connected to us is good and bad. Good: I love bar food and we get a discount. Bad: People get wasted there and then come back to our hotel and mess up the lobby. Tonight the Financial advisers (or yuppies as they will be known now) decided to hang out wasted in our breakfast/eating area. This area is ideal for drunks because it has tables and chairs and you can get that nice circle dynamic. This was an angry circle though.  Words were exchanged between too yuppies about buying drinks for the wrong girls.

I was literally setting the breakfast area up, so I’m standing there thinking no, don’t do this. They get louder and louder, and I think, at any moment my security guard will come over and end this nonsense. He didn’t because my security guard blows. Read previous blogs to see that. So, being the badass that I am I step up.

HEY! Raise your hands if you would like to become a financial adviser?

What the fuck??

RAISE your hands if you would like to become a financial adviser! (they reluctantly raise their hands.)

Good. That’s a good job. Now, I don’t care that you guys are loud, I don’t care you are messing up this later for me to clean, I don’t even care that that guy, (I point to the mentioned yuppie) yeah you, lit up a cigarette in a non-smoking area. You see, I do care if you start fighting in this lobby right hear and I will call your supervisor and you will be severely rep-remanded or most likely fired. (Which is true. This financial company takes no shit.)

You can’t do that.

Do you want to see? I’ve seen people taken out of the hotel in the middle of the night and I’ve seen them fired on the spot. Do you want to be the next grown man crying in our lobby? (I’ve never really seen these things, Kevin has, but I needed to sound tough.)

and they settled down. I did have to clean their table. 3 of the 5 had lost their keys and they made so angry I was shaking. Jerks.


About Storm

Hello, my name is Storm. I am currently working night shift in a hotel. I have sent my application off to law school and hope to hear back on that very soon. I expect big things from my future. I love avocado's, movies, reading, cats, traveling, and Farmville.
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